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Season Two, Episode One: You Don't Own Me

Hark the Herald Angels Sing! This time of year is full of anticipation and celebration, with millions of people around the world waiting eagerly for the same thing. Have they made the naughty or nice lists, and will they get what they’ve so patiently waited for? The answer is: YES, MYTH DYNAMITE IS BACK FOR SEASON TWO! Sorry, we couldn’t resist!

We’ve brought you all an early holiday present, so you can settle in and start the festive period with a bang (or an hour of myth, but to us they’re the same thing).

This week, we bring you the great HELEN! We’ve wanted to bring her to the table for a long, long time now, and she will always hold a special place in our hearts as the character we slaved over countless times when we were testing the concept of Myth Dynamite.

Helen was a great beauty, or so they say. She even launched c. 1000 ships with her face! Quite the party trick. We think there might be a little more to her than meets the eye (or “male gaze” – sorry lads, that’s the term for it. Take it up with John Berger if you have an alternative)! We’ll be talking about the labyrinth that’s Helen’s story, asking questions like ‘Was she real?’, ‘Is she a simpering victim or strong, independent woman?’, ‘Did she even go to Troy?’. You know, the questions we ask ourselves every day. Tune in for a tale as old as time, some wrestling, some pseudoarchaeology, and most importantly some nudity.

We hope you love Helen as much as we do by the end. She’s a force to be reckoned with, so if you don’t she’ll be coming for you.

Welcome to Season Two!

All the love Narcissus had for himself,

Abi and Sarah x


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