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Myth Dynamite: A Prelude

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

A prelude. Like the bit in a book where the writer waxes lyrical about themselves and their writing journey – acknowledgements, the name-dropping, you know the drill. Only we don’t know anyone significant enough to name-drop and it’s really less a spiritual journey and more a recording of our usual nerdy conversations.

This shorter pre-episode is here to give you a bit of background on Abi and Sarah – the double act that brings you Myth Dynamite – and our love of Classical myth. A bit of context on who we are and why we’re wittering on to you about mythology. Tune in for some deep, searching questions like “When did you get into Classics?” and “What’s your favourite myth?”.

We know you’re obviously all dying to find out about the people behind the voices – but this is a prelude. If you just can’t wait to get stuck right into the juicy meat (or tofu, if you’re vegan) of mythology, then feel free to move onto Episode 1: A Poet to Rule Them All. Let us remain a mystery, an enigma. We won’t be offended – much. Or maybe, if you want a shortcut, read about us on About Us. (Seriously though, you’re here for the long haul – we hope – so you might as well get to know us a bit better!).

So what to expect from Myth Dynamite? We’ll be telling you the mad stories of myth themselves, but we’re not just here for the narrative. The whole point of this podcast is to think a bit more – don’t worry, we do most of the thinking for you. Expect fun facts galore. Expect characters, modern relevance, ancient context, retellings, sidenotes, and monsters.

It won’t always be pretty, but it sure as hell won’t be boring.

So Welcome to Myth Dynamite and the ridiculous, scandalous, grim, fun world of ancient myth.

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