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Or otherwise known as "Nice things people have said about us".

Big love to everyone who's taken time out of their day to send us some extremely kind and heartwarming things about Myth Dynamite.

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Myth Dynamite: A podcast on all things myth

A Master's degree commentary by Anna

That's right, students are writing about us for their literal degrees *single tear*


Launched in July 2020 by two KCL alumna, Myth Dynamite is a podcast on Greek and Roman mythology. Despite the threat of being obscured by the overwhelming number of new podcasts materialising out of the lockdown, the first two seasons have gained a positive response and a loyal following. Rather than focusing on narrating the ancient stories, the aim of the conversational podcast according to one of its hosts is to explore myths and their variations and reception ‘in all their grimy glory’.


The podcast is designed to appeal to those without a wider understanding of Greek mythology as well as to listeners already familiar with the ancient stories, and to combat the frequent perception of Classics as an elitist and outdated subject through an admittedly less than child-friendly look at ancient stories and characters. The two hosts are united in their passion for their subject as well as their clear delight in the obscure, shocking and often bizarre aspects of the world of myth.


Each episode of the podcast takes a theme, character or place from ancient mythology to explore in detail, and the conversation ranges from discussion of ancient sources to the continued relevance and influence of mythology in the modern world. The hosts clearly enjoy the production, and their enthusiasm is infectious as they treat mythological figures and stories from the ancient world with reference to pop culture and contemporary issues, and discussion of the reception of myth ranges from Guerilla Girls to the politics of Donald Trump, the sculptures of Bernini and the K-pop band BTS.


Myth Dynamite plays into the current mainstream popularity of reinterpretations of the Greek myths in popular fiction, in the work of authors such as Madeline Miller, Pat Barker and Natalie Haynes, as well as the popularity of other mythological podcasts and radio programmes such as Natalie Haynes’ popular Stand up for the Classics. Female authors and presenters, including Sarah and Abi of Myth Dynamite, are keen to highlight the way in which the classical tradition and the reception of ancient myths since the Renaissance has been informed by misogyny and elitism and to explore the implications of this tradition for modern reception of myth. The existence of the podcast itself demonstrates the way in which ancient world has become a vehicle through which to explore issues of gender, sexuality and race in the modern world.


The successful principle of the podcast is essentially two good friends engaging in a funny and often irreverent discussion about the world of myth, exploring how ancient myths developed and how they are constantly shaped by their reception and imbued with new meaning.

Just listened to your intro episode and thought it was bangin'. Love a podcast that makes me learn! Joel says that he also read Gods Behaving Badly and enjoyed it. I imagine he'll geek out massively in the next few episodes too. He asks if you'll be doing anything on Atlantis?  ️


Also Disney's Hercules is my fave Disney so I'm thrilled that real life classicists also enjoy it.

– Jessie

I'm about 2 episodes in to your guys's podcast, and I just wanted to shoot ya'll an e-mail and tell you that I love it so far. I was listening to Myths & Legends for a while, but wanted to try out something new and am happy I happened upon Myth Dynamite.


I know there aren't too many episodes yet, but that's a big reason I wanted to send you guys something already. I hope you guys keep making episodes! I'm insanely excited to hear more. I'm enamored with Greek Mythology (especially Achilles), and I keep wanting to dive deeper into it all.


You both have been making it easy to understand so far, which I massivvvvvely appreciate. 


ANYWAYS (again)~

Thank you! Keep up the kick-ass 'cast, 

& I can't wait to keep listening.

– Josh

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I wanted to write first as a fan of your podcast – I recently discovered it and have enjoyed listening while I draw my comics.

– Alexis

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I just wanted to say, I absolutely adore your podcast!!

– Molly

Love your content and that you’re working to spread info about the ancient world with such passion! Keep it up!!

– Alli (Quill and Thread)

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I’m just gonna keep shouting you guys out until you have 1 billion downloads😂 absolutely loving everything you ladies are doing❤️❤️❤️ and thank you so much for the support🥰🥰


Just wanted to say that this episode was so good! I’m a self-identifying huge Augustus fan so this was really looking forward to this... and now eagerly awaiting the next episode!

I’m sorry I can’t comment publicly on your post but I am telling all the fellow Classicists in my life about your podcast!

– Anonymous

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