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A mythtery no more 


Latest Episodes

I Am Woman

We left you last week with an introduction to the far-too-good-for-him-smash-the-patriarchy-don’t-take-no-bullshit-stay-out-of-my-larder Queen of Ithaca, fighter of Suitors, keeper of households, and skilled AF weaver, wife of Odysseus.


Fending off the greedy, luring Suitors who are quite literally eating her out of house and home, she devises trick after scheme to hold onto the life she has built in Odysseus’ absence. You may have heard of the shroud (especially if you listened to Part One of this episode... and if you didn’t... good luck to ya). But there’s more.


So, she survives. OH, she survives. Seriously, she’s so good EVEN ODYSSEUS is impressed at one point.

      The Show

Myth Dynamite is a labour of absolute and unequivocal love for ancient mythology. We - Abi and Sarah - met back in 2016 when we both decided to happily sacrifice another year of further study at the altar of the Olympian Gods. We left a year later, with shiny new MA Classics degrees, and a firm friendship.

Ever since we've had dinner after dinner (billed as catch ups) that would unsurprisingly result in conversations on myth, and how its many, many stories reflect and refract some of today's issues: sexuality, the self, gender, power, family, respect, and humanity's immutable ability to metamorphose (lovely little Ovid reference for those who know, and for those who don't head over to our first full episode 'One Poet to Rule them All' to find out. A shameless plug, we'll admit it.)

It became very clear to us, that we had a lot to say - and we want to share it with people: other people who love myth; people who have some idea of myth; and people who haven't come across ancient Greek and Roman myths before.

Hence - after a long time spent developing it (read talking about myth some more) - a shining star, which Myth Dynamite will hopefully be for people, was born (If you haven't, please see Disney's 'Hercules' stat).

N.B. This is ancient myth and we're not censoring it. There will be adult content throughout.


 We hope you have as much fun listening to us rabbit on about myth as we had making this podcast.

Welcome to Myth Dynamite!




Abigail Woolley

Executive Producer & Co-host

Abi recently passed her PhD in Classics at King’s College London, researching the landscapes found in paintings from Pompeii and in the mythological masterpiece poem: the Metamorphoses by Ovid. With her shiny new doctorate, she’s heading off to do her teacher training to fill lots of brains with lots of Classics-y goodness.


Sarah Barnett

Executive Producer & Co-host

Sarah works for a university in London in Fundraising, updating donors on the impact their support has and writing their annual Impact Report. Clearly, the Ancient World and its myths still beckon on a regular basis, so she hopes to start on her own PhD in the coming years. The spectacle, gore and character offered up by her main man Lucan beckon!